Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wheelchair Accessories: Do You Have These Essentials?

For wheelchair-bound individuals, having certain accessories can make their lives easier. For example, there are special wheelchair bags and backpacks, which are specially made to fit behind the chair so that people can store their things comfortably. One can also get special wheelchair safety belts, like lap belts or wheelchair shoulder belts to ensure their safety.

 Additionally, spoke covers look great and can be a lot of fun, but they also help in protecting the chair from damage and prevent accidents – they stop objects from getting stuck in the spokes. Do you have these essentials? Maybe there are other accessories you need, so check your local store or online stores for more ideas. More information is revealed here : Wheelchair Shoulder Belts

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wheelchair Lap Belts for Your Safety

Are you making sure that you or your loved ones are always safe? If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair; don’t think that they aren’t in danger. Today, being in a wheelchair isn’t about being locked up at home all the time – many people who are disabled can enjoy a normal life. However, make sure that you are being cautious. Wheelchair lap belts are a must for anyone in a wheelchair.

Lap Belts with additional plastic buckle to receive shoulder belt
 Much like car seat belts, a wheelchair lap belt can prevent accidents and injuries. If you are on you wheelchair, for example, and you have to break suddenly (or the person pushing you stops suddenly) there is a risk that you will fall out of the chair. So take care and always strap yourself in.